The Bucket & The Texan Picnic Table Styles

Please note: Our website is currently being rebuilt and some of the information on here may be dated. Please consult with us and follow links through email to get our latest pricing and options information. We are no longer selling single picnic table style orders. There is a minimum required for the Bucket and Texan styles. (The multiple table discount will still apply on all orders within the minimum requirement)

There is no minimum requirement on our Outdoor Alamo and Ranger Table styles.

What’s in your Bucket?

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The “Bucket Table” is a Joshua Tree Table original design! Since its debut, hundreds have been sold all over the great state of Texas! There’s so many great ideas to fill your bucket with! It’s a practical, convenient and AWESOME way to enjoy a picnic table- and express a little creativity of your own!

All Bucket Tables come standard with 2 four quart buckets and our standard new chrome bottle opener on one end. We offer rustic bottle openers for an additional fee. Our standard Bucket Table dimensions are: 7’L by 28W (with benches 58” total width) They come with treated legs for ground contact (the tops and seats are not treated wood, but have stain/seal protection added to them) See our FAQ section for more info on treated wood vs. non-treated wood.

Looking for one solid heavy duty picnic table? Look no more! JTT’s “The Texan Table” is for you! Our standard Texan Table length is 8’L by 28″W (with benches 58″W total width) It comes with a middle leg that offers superior support, making it one of the best choices for an all treated wood picnic table. There are options that you add to the Texan, ask about these when ordering. (See pictures of the Texan on our Facebook and Instagram page)

Order Bucket or Texan Tables By Length
  • 6’L by 28”W (Included Bench Width 58” Total W)
  • 7’L by 28”W (Included Bench Width 58” Total W)
  • 8’L by 28”W (Included Bench Width 58” Total W)
  • 10’L by 28W (Included Bench Width 58” Total W)
Finishes For Both the Bucket Table and The Texan Stain and Sealant 

Included in your quoted price is your choice of color and finish for your table. While choosing your stain color keep in mind your finish may alter the look just a bit.  We recommend visiting the website below to get a good idea on color choices.

Outdoor finishing for the Bucket Table is generally in matte with Thompson’s Water Seal added on top for superior protection from elements! Since the Texan is all treated wood- the stain/seal combo will keep it looking great for many years.

We have used Olympic stains for many years and highly recommend them for your table. Visit the Olympic site to visualize colors and finishes by clicking the paintbrush below! Please select from the TONERS section for the stain options that are included in your price. We do use the stains in the semi-transparents and solids- but charge an extra painting fee for these heavy pigmented stains.

Check out Olympic Stains Color Here!

To see more photos of our Bucket Table and The Texan visit us on Facebook!

The Texan Picnic Table