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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How long from the time I order my table until the time it is finished?

This all depends on how many customizations’ you do to the table design and the season you order your table in.  Generally, from the time you order to the time it’s ready is 2-3 weeks. Some tables are ready in as little as a week’s time.  If you are using your own reclaimed wood, table legs, unstained chairs, please note that transit time, overall design and re-purposing take a bit more time from start to finish.

2.     What are the differences in the ways indoor and outdoor tables are built?

The main differences have to do with weather proofing. Our standard outdoor tables have treated legs for ground contact.  They are stained, sealed and have an additional layer of Thompson’s water seal to make them TEXAS TOUGH!  However, just like with any outdoor furniture, maintenance is required. Your stain color and basic seal should stand up for a good while, sometimes over 2 to 3 years, depending on where you place the table.  Direct sun, hot/cold extremes, along with rainwater, are all elements that wear wood down over time.  Since our weather here in Texas can be extreme, we recommend a yearly cleaning and resealing of your table to ensure it lasts for many years to come.  Indoor tables do not have any treated wood.  They are stained or painted, and then have a layer of polyurethane or other requested finish.  Their maintenance would be like that of other indoor furniture pieces you may own.

3.     What holds my table together?

Certainly NOT nails! We use galvanized, zinc-coated exterior screws, nuts and bolts on our standard tables. Zinc-coated stands up to weathering very well and will not rust under normal use.  However, for superior weather proofing we offer, at additional cost, stainless steel nuts and bolts. (We recommend stainless steel for our friends who live next to any kind of saltwater, or if their table will be used around sandy areas.)  Interior tables are constructed just as tough as our outdoor tables!  Indoor tables get additional glues and other features that help add strength and long lasting beauty.  (Reclaimed wood tables are given most of the same treatments, unless otherwise indicated to preserve original beauty, markings, etc.)

4.     Do you charge extra for umbrella holes or routed corners?

No. We never charge extra for something that takes us only a few minutes to do and makes the table look even more awesome! Almost every table we offer has angled corners (unless you love the classic look of the Americana table and request straight sanded boards.) Extra routing and umbrella holes are free options that you ask for when placing your table order.

5.     Why doesn’t Joshua Tree Tables use ALL TREATED WOOD for every table they make outdoors?

This is what makes us very different, especially when it comes to picnic tables.  We feel that although many steps were taken to make treated wood safer, it still poses a health risk for people and our environment.  For this reason, we prefer to use treated support legs but not treated table tops. Since we have the most direct contact with the top, we find that untreated yellow or white pine is a safer option.   However, the choice is ultimately yours.  Please click and read article below for further information before choosing wood.


If you decide to go with a treated top on your table, do not let food come into direct contact with it and use a table-cloth to cover top.  As environmentally friendly builders, we will continue to support using green products and other methods to keep ourselves and our planet healthy.  We hope you will join this effort too!

6.     Do you offer delivery and how much will it cost?

Yes! We do deliver. The price is based upon where you live in relation to where we build your table. We are located in beautiful Spring, Texas which is Northwest of Houston off I45. When you order a table, we will quote you a delivery price at the same time. If you’d rather arrange to pick up,  that is also an option.  For cities outside the greater Houston area (150 miles distance or more) we make seasonal trips to your area- follow us on Facebook to be updated on when we will visit your town- or email us for general time frame.

7.      How much does each table cost? Is there any pricing on your website?

We do have a base price for most tables, however we do not have pricing listed on our website.  Many of our clients customize the length and other features of our tables. We find it easier to let you decide what you want first, and then go from there. Why? Because sometimes the changes are so easy there is no reason to add more to the price.  Other times the changes require a lot more time and materials, so the price needs to be adjusted.  Rest assured you will be happy with your quote! Our promise to you is to build the best table at the best price!  We always use the most affordable options to save you the most $$$.  You’re satisfaction means everything to us – from start to finish!

Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

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  •           What forms of payment do you accept?        

On some occasions we will accept COD- there are limits that will be disclosed when ordering.  Otherwise you can easily pay with a credit card at time of delivery or by using PayPal.  PayPal is one of the most secure ways to pay for anything online!  Don’t have an account? No problem- click the link above and set one up in as little as 5 minutes!  If you decide to use PayPal we will send you an invoice for your records and as a form of receipt.

  •           Do you sell chairs with your tables?

We do not have chairs in stock, nor do we build individual chairs at this time.  However, we can help you find and buy chairs that can be stained to match your Joshua Tree Table.  You can have the unfinished chairs delivered directly to us, or we can order them for you.  If we purchase them, we consider this as a special order and we do require an advance deposit. You are charged actual costs only, however,  we do charge a small fee for assembling and staining each of the chairs you may order in advance.  Our Alamo table looks great with the reinforced benches that are included with it, or with your own chairs!

  •           Do you rent any of your tables for parties etc.?

No. We are a build to order company and generally do not have more than one or two tables in stock.  When you order it, we begin to build it right then!  (You are always guaranteed a new, never used table)  Unless, of course you have ordered a table built from reclaimed wood!  It could be 100’s of years old! *smiles*  If you are looking for rentals- they are not hard to find! 🙂

  •          Do you build “Gutter Picnic Tables?” 

No. There are many talented picnic table builders in Houston who build gutter tables.  We are better known for our Bucket Table.  Check it out, if you haven’t already!  With so many options out there- we’d like to thank you in advance for considering a Joshua Tree Table for your family!  We sincerely appreciate our clients support and referrals.  Thank you TEXAS!

  •        Do you build other furniture, decks, pergola’s, tree-houses, swings and other cool stuff? 

Why, yes, yes we do! In fact, cool is our middle name! *smiles*  OK, seriously, yes on occasion we may have some other unique things to offer. But, for the time being, tables are our number one priority!  If we do decide to present some of our other projects, you’ll be the first to see it— here on joshuatreetables.com or on our Facebook Page!  Most of the time though, we are just too busy to do all the OTHER cool stuff we really want to do! (Isn’t that the way it goes!?)

  •         What are my options for table legs, stain colors, finish and other customization’s?

The best way to see what your options are is to:

First, click on the name of your favorite table and there you will see the sizes, stains, leg styles and other options that may be available to choose from.  Second, use the contact form below to ask questions about modifications that are not listed. Please be sure to let us know if you prefer a reply with an email, or a quick phone call!

DISCLAIMERS: Most of our tables are built with Pine. It is a beautiful, long-lasting wood when treated with proper care and maintenance.  In the heat of the summer pine sap that was not fully dried from the milling process may seep out of your table. You can use mineral spirits or even rubbing alcohol to remove the sap. Be assured, it will eventually stop bleeding out and will not effect your tables performance.  Also, each table is hand-crafted wood so that no two tables are ever exactly alike. Each will have its own unique look and feel. We make every effort to build your table so that it is secure, stable and weather proofed. However,  misuse or failing to maintain your outdoor wood furniture will ultimately result in weather damage such as fading, warping, splintering. In the Texas heat we recommend inspecting your table every 6 months for regular maintenance.  If you place your outdoor furniture in the direct sun, be ready for frequent  maintenance to ensure the beauty of your furniture. With proper care, your outdoor table can last many years! 

Other Questions? Please use the form below to contact us:

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