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Our Story: The Facts & The Fluff

Thank you for your interest in our tables and about us!  Our humble beginnings are typical for most family owned businesses, starting off right out of our garage. We started building picnic tables for family and friends. Soon, friends of friends were requesting outdoor tables in other designs and those friends of friends were requesting even more custom table designs for indoor use!  Before long- we were building enough tables to require a workshop and hire a few extra hands when needed.

In April of 2011- The Joshua Tree Table Company (Aka: JTT, Joshua Tree Tables) was founded.  Since then, we’ve been busy customizing quality outdoor and indoor tables for the greater Houston area and other parts of the great state of Texas! Even though we have grown over the last few years, we are still a small family owned BUILD TO ORDER company and take pride in offering you what we like to call “A better table for a better price!” We are located in the lovely city of Spring, Texas. We currently do not have a showroom, but are looking into that within the next year or so. Until then, please check this site and our other forms of media to see our work.

When we are not building or blogging or, well, doing anything else —we are outside enjoying our wonderful planet earth! We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly builders and make every effort to reuse, rebuild and restore if possible.  We use a lot of pine since it is affordable, renewable, beautiful and long-lasting when treated with care and proper maintenance.  Other woods that are common to our local area are also used to pass along savings to our customers.

& what you really need to know:

When you call our main line, or email us, it’s our priority to assist you in building the table of your dreams! (Provided that you dream about tables) Most of the time, your order is handled by Michelle.  If you need a bit more “tweaking” of our standard type designs, it’s usually Tony who will call you back and handle the rest of your order and arrange delivery options. Once your order is placed, Josh (our main builder) and his team get to work on making your table look awesome.  Please note that each table is hand crafted and although they may look similar, no two of our tables are ever exactly alike.  Each will have its own unique appearance.

Come delivery time we accept COD on occasion, or if you’d like to use a credit card, or personal check, you will be billed by us through PayPal.  Sales Tax 8.25% is factored into your final table price. From start to finish, your estimated lead time is usually 1 to 3 weeks on most tables. (Sometimes longer if many orders are placed close to the same time range.  This can happen during Spring time and early Summer rush) Delivery charges are discussed with you beforehand, and are based on where you live.  Local pickup is also an option.  We are known for, and proud of our excellent communication with our clients— your business is very much appreciated!

See our FAQ Page for complete review of all the STUFF typed above!

You may wonder why we chose a simple, yet, wonderful media forum like WordPress to host our business &  blog.  The first reason that comes to mind is… Hello? WordPress is totally awesome!  But, the main reason, is because its your opinion that helps us “build better tables at better prices!”  We love to hear from YOU and figure this is a great way to show off what we have to offer while getting feedback on what we can do to improve! We warmly invite you to follow us here on our CoOL WordPress blog, and check back regularly to read the latest news and happenings of all that is—  The Joshua Tree Table Company!

Convinced? Yes! Learn more about the authors of this lovely blog-bio, their sensational explanations on life in general, and other tidbits of what could be useful information by CLICKING HERE and while you’re at it, become a fan on Facebook too!

On behalf of Josh, and his all-powerful crew, we sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our eVoLviNg story!  Now, as they say, when you reach the final line of a great introduction… “ON WITH THE SHOW!!”


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