JTT is Texas STRONG!

Dear Fellow Houstonian’s and Texans,

Hurricane Harvey may have left its ugly marks of devastation on our beautiful state, but it has not been able to destroy the incredible spirit of the folks lucky enough to call Texas home! Through this disaster, we have become closer, we have become wiser and we have definitely become stronger. We are proud to be part of such an incredible community and are here with you as we all attempt to rebuild, restore and reclaim what Harvey has damaged.  From the beginning, all of our tables and outdoor furnishings were built to represent our love of the Lone Star State in one way or another. From naming our Alamo Table, to our Travis Table- we’ve always had a sense of pride that exists no where else but here in Texas! Houston is an amazingly strong community, and we’ve all helped raise the bar in what it means to be real neighbors in times of need. Along with you, our team has been volunteering to help those affected by the flood waters, and our hearts go out to our fellow Texans who have lost nearly everything they own. We realize that nothing can replace the value of what has been lost. We can only move forward with our memories and try to regain a sense of normalcy in our lives once more.  As a small business, here in Spring, Texas- we have been building furniture that helps families and friends come together. Whether it be sitting down for a meal, or relaxing outside with a Texas BBQ- it has always been our desire to encourage togetherness.  With this same attitude in mind, we are extending our hands in the rebuilding of what was lost… we are not only rebuilding furniture, we are building the furnishings that help bring us closer as families, as neighbors, as Texans.

We are right here with you! We are all TEXAS STRONG!

~The Team at Joshua Tree Tables

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