there once was a table.

Well, actually there really wasn’t a table… once, nor long ago, nor ever, ever after. You see, people sat and ate off the ground, or a rock, or something that resembled a platform for food and card games.

Haaaaa… Seriously? Did you think I would actually write in depth about the history of tables?  (Why, yes… I could have)

It’s not how they came into existence that matters, it’s the fact that we all pretty much need a table in our lives.  No matter the size or the purpose, we all need tables

The End.

Well, now I have officially done my job for JTT.  I wrote a short article (of sorts) as promised.  Now, let’s get down to the important stuff.  The stuff that’s really meaningful and important and stuff… and, that matters… and things that people really care about reading. (If there really is such a thing)

In fact, it’s best that I now make it known that I have been commissioned for the sole purpose of making what could be a boring, “blah, blah, blah,” little company website into an entertaining, yet, possibly still—> a boring, “blah, blah, blah” company website.   I promise to do the best I can- with what limited skills I possess in the areas of entertainment via blogging.  Being boring and “blah, blah,  blah” are really my main specialties…

I never follow the bloggable grobblable slobbable rules of grammar… I speak phonetically and want you to really understand my words even if this means making up a word (which I do very often) so when a “haaaaaa” comes out, its like you are really hearing it whilst reading it.  Whilst?  Don’t you just love that word?  haaaaaaaaa Did you hear that?

I do, however, love to spell correctly- if at all possible… and until WordPress puts in a proper “M-Dash, em dashio, mutton chop, thought block, and other writing faux pas…”  hyphens and dotdotdots rule the day!  YES!  I am shouting! Let me quiet this down. There we go.

Now, you may ask, why would anyone want to follow a “Joshua Tree Table Company” blog-O-Site?

(Calling it a blog-o-site, even though I am not 100%  sure just what that may mean, nor do I particularly care to investigate it further- since I stink at multitasking and could waste hours researching a terminology that is most likely pointless… kinda like this post)

Well, I’ll tell ya why!  It’s the wave of the future!

Soon, everyone will be following our blog, yes everyone! (I’ve always dreamed BIG) and it will be the most IN thing that ANYONE could be doing…and for that matter, should be doing.  It will be just that cool.

If you do decide to stick around and follow us- I will be handling all the OUTDOORSY, FUN and occasional nonsensical  posts.  YAY!  I rarely write satire, since I am the most positive person you will ever meet.  (if you actually believe that, you will soon change your mind) There’s not really much more to know about me as an author… I mean, I’m pretty young- considering how old I am.  I’ve had a few things out there published… ya know… local newspaper ads and such… YUP (a word I’ve picked up while being Texan) I’d say I’m well known round these here parts.

It will also be my pleasure to share the JTT Teams’ pictures and relate amazing stories of their adventures and all the stuff that goes with being super hero’s!

Whoops, did I say super hero’s?  Guess the secrets out.  You see the JTT team poses as ordinary wood-working folk during normal business hours… but soon after all the work is done—–>  Yeah, you guessed it! (More to come on this soon)

Until the next meeting at the Hall of Justice—->  I leave you with this serene scene… a classic, if you know what classics truly are, in the whole wide world of everything. Just an incredible Picture...

Please, don’t take me seriously… no, really, I’m being serious!